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We offer a FREE, innovative and sustainable fundraising opportunity that can turn almost any online shopping transaction into a charitable donation. With over 2 billion people potentially shopping online for goods and services daily, our Go-To Shopping technology makes it possible for organizations to create a fundraising revenue stream from the ever-increasing number of online shoppers. We do this by issuing organizations Go-To Shopping links which allow them to easily leverage online shopping behaviors and turn each transaction into a Cash Back Donation. Ultimately, MPC’s priority is to convert all online shoppers into donors by using a Go-To Shopping link. Sound like a great idea? It is even better than that. We also provide organizations with FREE marketing technology and solutions that help share Go-To Shopping links with as many potential donors as possible.

Top crowdfunding sites

Top crowdfunding sites

Top crowdfunding sites

Top crowdfunding sites

Top crowdfunding sites

Top crowdfunding sites


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Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard work. MPC understands that fundraising is never much fun for the fundraiser or the donor, and that’s why we have created this game-changing solution that is transforming the way non-profits, schools, campaigns, PACs and associations fundraise.

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